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Conductor   Insulation
Flexible bare copper (Class5)
Acc. to IEC 60228, CEI 20-29 DIN VDE 0295, UL 83 standard
Special PVC compund
TFF for section AWG18 and AWG16
THHW UL Listed cross to section AWG14
Color Conductor   Screen
X: numbers
G: green/yellow + numbers
Tinned copper braid; coverage 85%
Protective Tape Sheath
Polyester tape over screen Outer sheath: special PVC; acc. to UL 1277 and UL 1063
Colour: black RAL 9005
Electrical   Temperature
Nominal voltage (UL): 600 V
Nominal voltage (IEC): 300/500 V
Test voltage: 4000 V
Operating temperature range, fixed: -40 °C to +90 °C
Operating temperature range, flex: -5 °C to +90 °C
Bending Radius   Flame
Bending radius, fixed: 6 x Ø
Bending radius, flex: 20 x Ø
UL 1581 FT4 / IEEE 1202; Vertical-Tray Flame test
Oil-resistant: UL OIL RES. I
UV-resistant: ISO 4892-2
Water-resistant: UL Wet Approval 75 °C
Conform to NFPA 79 2007 wiring norms and NEC 336.10 (7) Class 1, Div.2 acc. NEC art. 336,392,501
UL Listed acc. to UL 1277 Tray Cable-Exposed Run (TC-ER) and acc. to UL 1063 Machine Tool Wire (MTW)
UL and CSA recognized acc. to UL Style 10012 and 2587 AWM I/II A/B
Acc. to UL 2277 and CSA 239-09


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7 x 1

Awg Section


Ø mm


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