Team Kabel is a commercial brand of Next Automation, an important company from Bergamo which has represented the major global brands in the world of electrical automation for over 15 years.

Team Kabel with over 1300 codes in stock, aims to be your ideal partner for on-board machine connections. 

we are a team of people united by a common objective:

building a partnership with our customers

We aim to provide personalized services without neglecting the availability of the standard products that the market requires.

We work with the major cable manufacturers in the world.

our history


cables compliant with the most important protocols present in the industrial automation sector

fixed installation cables, dedicated for on-board machine applications

dedicated solution to the lifting world for festoon lines and for cable reels applications

suitable for signal transmission for proximity, sensors, solenoid valves and actuators

suitable for power and signal connection in areas with high temperatures

high performances free handling cables and drag chain cables

fixed laying power cables, dedicated for on-board machines applications

dedicated solution to brushless motors with tailor-made cable service

our products



Immediate availability, possibility of personalization with our cutting and pre-wiring services:


wide range of items available immediately upon request


cutting to size and packaging according to the order


according to the standards of the major world manufacturers

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