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Conductor Insulation
Stranded Bare copper wire; 42×0,10mm (nom. 0,34mm² – AWG22); nominal diameter 0.80mm; cl.6 VDE0295;
Lay agree with UL 758 tab 5,9; Conform to EN 13602 – ETP1, DIN 40500 E-Cu 58.
Foam PE (with internal and external skin); hardness 61 ShD; diameter 1,75 ±0,10mm;
Colours cores: White-Brown-Green-Yellow as for DIN47100.
Assembly Protective Tape
Four cores stranded in star quad (see indicative sketch); some filler could be used for a better roundness. PET tape wrapped over assembly.
Shield Protective Tape
First: Al/PET tape wrapped over total assembly (Aluminium face outside); Optical coverage 100%.
Second: Braid type; Tin copper wire 0,10mm; nominal optical coverage 80%.
Drain wire: Stranded Tin copper wire 0,25mm² (AWG24); DW under braid shield.
Nonwovens tape (TNT) over total shield.
Jacket Electrical
PUR, hardness 92 ShA; diameter 6,70 ±0,20mm; colour Violet similar RAL4001; conform to UL 20236. Operating voltage: 30V
Voltage test: 1000 V x 1min
Max conductor resistance: 61,6 Ω/Km
Impedance: 120 Ω ± 10%
Nominal Capacitance @1KHz: 50 pF/m
Physical Chemical
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C (fixed)
Operating temperature range: -30°C to +80°C (free motion without periodic recurrence and forced guidance)
Bending radius: >10 x OD (fixed)
Bending radius: >15 x OD (Flex and drag chain)
UV resistant: yes (UL1581/2556– 300h)
Oil resistant: yes (UL758)
Silicone, Pb, Cd, Hg, FCKW free: yes
Halogen free: yes (CEI EN 60754-1 / VDE 0482-754-1)
Flame Movement data @20°C
Flame resistant: UL Cable Flame test; CSA FT1; IEC 60332-1; ISO6722 Acceleration: up to 10 m/sec²
Speed: up to 200 m/min
Torsion: ±30° (Optimal recommended)


Cable Type

2 x 2 x 0,34

Ø mm



±0,20 mm